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She’s an everyday woman who wants her style to match her aspirations. 
She wants to go out the door each day feeling her most confident. Whether speaking to a crowd, meeting with a client, running a PTA function, or gathering with her best girlfriends after hours, she wants to be seen — always at her best!

She’s an everyday woman who wants her style to match her aspirations. 

She wants to go out the door each day feeling her most confident. Whether speaking to a crowd, meeting with a client, running a PTA function, or gathering with her best girlfriends after hours, she wants to be seen — always at her best!

who is the stylish chick?

Originally from the great state of style, California, I began styling others at the young age of 16. I worked at a boutique that catered to celebrities from Beverly Hills- a teen girl’s dream job. But it was my Grandma Betty, who owned a dress shop in LA during the glamorous 40s and 50s, who influenced me the most. She taught me how to sew and about the elements of style. I later graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Landscape Design. My career following spanned real estate, talent development, and corporate retail. Throughout all my life roles, I always found joy in seeing people rise to their best. I also recognized how much image mattered for aspiring leaders to create magnetism and momentum.

I'm Barbara Ellis.

Fashion lover, Foodie, WRITER & Style Therapist.

You had me at hello.

All those earlier roles led me to pursue certification in Personal Color Analysis and Image Consulting to provide women (and some men, too) with the tools to step out into the world with the colors, fit, and style that align with their authentic selves. 

The “it” factor is for all to find, and I love looking at the sparkle in someone’s eyes when they discover their personal style story. 

Your style is your business card. You deserve a life lived in color and an image that’s all YOU!

about barbara

It’s time to leave behind your style woes. 

My body has transitioned, and it’s hard to know what styles flatter me.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I tried subscription boxes, and after spending lots of money, I still haven’t landed on my look.

I find myself wearing the same outfits, even though my closet is full of clothes (some even have tags on!).

I want to reenter the workforce or take a promotion, and I am unsure how to dress for where I want to be.

I am an executive or entrepreneur who hasn’t figured out the harmony between an image that matches my expertise while keeping me approachable. I know I need personal branding but don’t know where to start!

Blending in is for makeup, not your presence. 

You were born to stand out.

Have you ever seen that woman- the one who always looks put together? She walks into a room, and she is noticed. You may not remember what outfit you last saw her in, but you do remember her confidence and glow. 

You’ve probably wondered if she has style superpowers, or if her look is all designer. 

Here’s the only difference between her and you. She’s figured out how to use style to express herself without saying a word. And the good news is you can, too! 

The Stylish Chick is dedicated to guiding women of all backgrounds and body types to find their unique color story and style journey. By providing tailored style education grounded in the science of color and interplaying with your personality, you’ll save time and money, establish your personal brand, and eliminate the question of “What do I wear today?” 

When you work with The Stylish Chick, you’ll learn the difference between getting into clothes and getting dressed. You’ll walk into the room and confidently speak to clients, interview for a promotion, network, or simply sip your cocktail holding yourself higher and radiating your best self. 

(I promise, looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost a small fortune!).

I'm ready, style me!
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Who you are on the inside will shine on the outside!

style analysis

color consultation

personal style & image services

Brighter days are ahead. 
A color consultation is a science-based transformative and educational service that will help you know the colors that give you a healthy glow and love you best. You’ll leave with color tools to make intentional clothing and cosmetic shopping choices.

Would you like to know what neckline, cut, or hemline flatters your body’s architecture? What if you could also understand the prints, patterns, and textures that harmonize with your personality? 
A style analysis is an incredibly informative tool to pull your unique look together.

*Individual & small group sessions (2-3 people) available.

Life ism't perfect, but your style can be.

Event Speaking

Personal Shopping

Working with a professional to shop for you saves you time, ensures your purchases serve your wardrobe well, and instills the confidence to achieve the image you’ve always wanted.
After a consultation to determine your wardrobe needs and budget, I’ll put your color and style analysis to work. We’ll transform, replace, or build a wardrobe where every piece works!

Are you holding a women’s conference, retreat, or professional development seminar? 
Equip your attendees with style education that opens the doors to opportunities, higher sales potential, and new relationships. Contact me to learn about engaging topics to fit your audience’s needs and bring value to your next event. 

*Color consultation and style analysis are prerequisites to this service.

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and The Stylish Chick is ready to help! 

Your style story starts today

Getting dressed has never been so easy (or fun!)

Success Stories


“As a community leader and business owner, I realize how I show up is important to how the dedication to my message is perceived and received. I love to shop but found while I had tons of clothes, I only felt great in a handful of them. A two-hour appointment with Barbara to help me discover the colors I step into best was eye-opening! I look at my wardrobe and new purchases through different lenses. I’m making wiser shopping decisions, and I can’t wait to do a full style consultation with her next.”

- Geneva Maresma

“I remember my mother getting her colors done when I was younger, and I was fascinated with the process. Going through everything with Barbara has changed my shopping experience when it comes to clothing and makeup. I don’t just grab something off the shelf: I strategically make purchases now. Thank you so much, Barbara.”

-Abi Merkle

“My friend and I had a wonderful time having our colors analyzed by Barbara Ellis. The service and goody bag to go home are WELL worth the expense. I have had THE BEST LUCK shopping now that I’m equipped with the power of color.”

-Keren Sharlow

“If I could sum up my experience in one word, it would be transformational! From the beginning of understanding color analysis to seeing some of my favorite colors on myself, I’ve gained such confidence in the colors of my clothing that make me look my best. Thank you, Barbara, for helping me feel confident in my work polos or dressing up any chance I get! You are amazing!”

-Amarilys Morales

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