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Success Stories


“As a community leader and business owner, I realize how I show up is important to how the dedication to my message is perceived and received. I love to shop but found while I had tons of clothes, I only felt great in a handful of them. A two-hour appointment with Barbara to help me discover the colors I step into best was eye-opening! I look at my wardrobe and new purchases through different lenses. I’m making wiser shopping decisions, and I can’t wait to do a full style consultation with her next.”

- Geneva Maresma

“I remember my mother getting her colors done when I was younger, and I was fascinated with the process. Going through everything with Barbara has changed my shopping experience when it comes to clothing and makeup. I don’t just grab something off the shelf: I strategically make purchases now. Thank you so much, Barbara.”

-Abi Merkle

“My friend and I had a wonderful time having our colors analyzed by Barbara Ellis. The service and goody bag to go home are WELL worth the expense. I have had THE BEST LUCK shopping now that I’m equipped with the power of color.”

-Keren Sharlow

“If I could sum up my experience in one word, it would be transformational! From the beginning of understanding color analysis to seeing some of my favorite colors on myself, I’ve gained such confidence in the colors of my clothing that make me look my best. Thank you, Barbara, for helping me feel confident in my work polos or dressing up any chance I get! You are amazing!”

-Amarilys Morales