As women, we constantly receive messages from social media and others that we should have an innate knowledge of our personal style. Sure, some women have an eye for their own image, but it doesn’t mean they can give style advice to a friend, or that if you try to emulate a friend’s style, you’ll feel true to yourself. 

At The Stylish Chick, I  deliver professional style education that’s not about my tastes or putting limitations on your choices. Instead, I’ll teach you the classic elements of color and fit that will remain with you through time and trends.

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Colors I never even considered became new favorites. I understood the power of color: It could give me a healthy glow or cast a less-than-desirable tone across my skin. My image consultation also taught me how to consider jewelry metals and hair and makeup colors. 

It was such a life-changing service that I pursued certification in color and style analysis to help others learn these tools. I want to show you how to build a wardrobe, make better purchases, and find a style that’s uniquely YOU.

Here are my own before and after pictures!

From my personal experience of having my colors and style analyzed, I can tell you that the world of style and color opened immensely for me! 

We’ve talked about my style transformation.

So, now can we talk about your personal style?

If you were in my studio or on a call with me, you might express one of these common statements I’ve heard from other clients:

I’ve experienced a body transition from motherhood, weight gain or loss, or surgery and want to feel amazing in my skin.

I really need to get out of a legging rut! I avoid shopping, because I don’t even know where to begin rebuilding my wardrobe. 

I desire to increase my visibility (and confidence) for a promotion opportunity.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for years (I relate to leggings girl above) and want to re-enter the workforce.

I want to develop a personal brand that elevates my business or leadership. 

I committed to more mindfulness this year and want to carry it across all I do (dressing is a daily affair, after all, right?).

I’ve tried figuring out my colors and style on my own, only to be left with more confusion and less cash after buying online programs and subscriptions.

By working with a professional, you’ll make a confident investment to reach your style goals and gain the knowledge to bring intentionality, ease, and fun to putting yourself together. 

You’ll know what works best for you, eliminating all the guesswork-no more items sitting in the closet worn once or with the tags still on!

Success Stories


“As a community leader and business owner, I realize how I show up is important to how the dedication to my message is perceived and received. I love to shop but found while I had tons of clothes, I only felt great in a handful of them. A two-hour appointment with Barbara to help me discover the colors I step into best was eye-opening! I look at my wardrobe and new purchases through different lenses. I’m making wiser shopping decisions, and I can’t wait to do a full style consultation with her next.”

- Geneva Maresma

“I remember my mother getting her colors done when I was younger, and I was fascinated with the process. Going through everything with Barbara has changed my shopping experience when it comes to clothing and makeup. I don’t just grab something off the shelf: I strategically make purchases now. Thank you so much, Barbara.”

-Abi Merkle

“My friend and I had a wonderful time having our colors analyzed by Barbara Ellis. The service and goody bag to go home are WELL worth the expense. I have had THE BEST LUCK shopping now that I’m equipped with the power of color.”

-Keren Sharlow

“If I could sum up my experience in one word, it would be transformational! From the beginning of understanding color analysis to seeing some of my favorite colors on myself, I’ve gained such confidence in the colors of my clothing that make me look my best. Thank you, Barbara, for helping me feel confident in my work polos or dressing up any chance I get! You are amazing!”

-Amarilys Morales

You’ll enter my private studio and get the full glam treatment. It’s your day!
I’ll work through a tried-and-true scientific process to find your colors. We’ll talk in-depth about your best power and accent colors. You’ll see instantly in the mirror how the right colors brighten your eyes, whiten your teeth, and give you a beautiful and healthy glow. 

After establishing your palette, we’ll discuss creating a 90-second makeup look using color cosmetics that harmonize with your colors. You’ll also take home tools to help you continue your new color story! 


PeRsonal Style Analysis

A style day is a perfect compliment to a color consultation or can be done on its own. 

Through a personality quiz, measurements, and an interactive session with your clothing, you’ll discover your style personality. 

You’ll leave your customized session equipped to create a wardrobe that feels all you! Get ready to love everything in your closet and have an established style identity that will make it quick and easy to get dressed and make every day your best outfit day!!

This service is in-studio only, as the method I use requires we use natural light for an unfiltered view of how your skin and it’s undertones react to the process. 

*Small group sessions for 2-3 people are available. Contact for pricing.

Image and personal branding are essential to all professions and to generally feel good about how you carry yourself. 

Industry-specific conventions or women’s conferences and retreats are the perfect places to offer an interactive and insightful style education workshop or breakout.

Watch your attendees’ confidence soar, and their future sales, as they connect their image to impact in your industry.

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If time isn’t on your side or shopping isn’t your forte, a personal shopping service is the answer! 

After completing your color and style profiles, we will consult to determine your wardrobe needs (full overhaul, build a capsule wardrobe, replace key pieces, or add accessorizing elements). We’ll also discuss your budget. While you go about your day, I’ll get to work on your style goals.

Get ready to take your look to the max!

PeRsonal Shopping

*Color consultation and style analysis are prerequisites to this service to provide you with the best personal shopping experience. 

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2-hour individual session - 295.00

3.5 hours individual session- 395.00
(online or in-studio)

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